Your #1 Resource for SAP Financials Consulting

At MI6 Solutions Group, we pride ourselves on our track record of providing maximum value for SAP Financials customers by combining experience with up to date knowledge of the latest finance relevant features of SAP software. From our positions inside SAP for the past several years, we were involved in development and release and initial implementation of most of the major new features of ERP financials. Additionally, we have continued our relationship with SAP and on strategic SAP projects which allows us to stay on the forefront of financials development and what will be released to SAP customers in the years to come.

Outside of our primary areas of expertise, we have developed partner relationships with experts such as ourselves in key “niche” areas such as Treasury, Capital Management, Product Costing, Material Ledger, BI, and BPC so that we can offer you the very best expertise in each area and an overall “best in class” solution.