Take Full Advantage of the Opportunities SAP General Ledger Migration Offers

For customers considering the SAP General Ledger (New GL), the focus is too often on the new features, functions, the technical differences and how data conversion works within the migration process.  While the SAP General Ledger offers some very impressive functional enhancements (e.g. Document Splitting, Parallel Accounting, Real-Time CO-FI Reconciliation), the real value lies in your opportunity to take a closer look at the existing financial architecture, current business environment, today’s reporting challenges, and give it a fresh make-over.

Let’s face it, if a company is going to simply replace Profit Center Accounting with SAP General Ledger, and do nothing to improve the business value to end users, then why do it?  Most customers considering the new SAP General Ledger have been live on SAP for several years.  Over the course of that time most have seen their businesses change dramatically.  Many customers now have outdated organizational structures, reporting loopholes, and inefficient processes as a result of all the changes they have been through.

To realize the full benefit of the SAP General Ledger, we strongly recommend that every customer closely examine their current legal and management business structures and compare them to your existing SAP design.  The SAP General Ledger offers many new functional opportunities to improve your financial systems, but perhaps the most important opportunity to be considered is creating a new financial reporting foundation for the future.