Project Management

How can organizations effectively implement their IT projects? By working with the SAP consultants at MI6 Solutions, individuals who can provide expert advice and leadership in using best practices and proven methodologies.

We can help you design and manage your implementation, extension, and upgrade projects. As a result, you gain from our expertise in accelerating project delivery – increasing your return on investment.

Our consultants can help you reach your project goals on-time and within budget and allows you to meet or exceed your quality requirements. As a result, you can use your solution to achieve targeted business improvements. With this service, you can increase your return on investment by reducing implementation costs and realizing business benefits sooner.

SAP Project Management from MI6 Solutions delivers the following to your organization:

  • Accelerated project plan – Provides guidelines based on proven methodologies
  • Project charter – Outlines project overview, scope, high-level risks and costs, and implementation strategy
  • Management plan – Includes integration, human resources, communication, risk, and procurement plans
  • Requirements definition – Provides a business blueprint or requirements document, support planning, and training requirements

Our consultants offer a full spectrum of services to help you achieve your business objectives quickly and cost-effectively. SAP can serve as a strategic advisor or act as a senior member of your implementation team. We can even take full responsibility for consulting partners. You also gain a direct link to our years of worldwide implementation experience. We can evaluate your current IT strategies and help you define your needs. So you can develop a plan to ensure that your solution grows with your business.

With SAP Project Management from MI6 Solutions, you gain the following business benefits:

  • Lower implementation costs and reduced total cost of ownership
  • Reduced risk, because SAP takes responsibility for successful delivery of its solutions
  • Realization of value not yet implemented through renewal of existing SAP installations
  • Rapid delivery of key benefits and faster time to value