Project Assessment Programs

Whether you are evaluating the implementation of a new module, developing a long-term SAP strategy, or verifying your organization’s readiness for an SAP upgrade, you need an objective and accurate assessment. MI6 Solutions provides impartial, tangible assessments with concrete deliverables for SAP clients to help them make informed, low risk decisions with both short and long-term goals in mind.

New Module/Functionality

Evaluating whether or not the implementation of a new SAP module or enhanced functionality will solve your business needs can be an overwhelming endeavor. Utilizing our holistic SAP approach and creative solutions, we can help you determine whether new SAP functionality will address your “pain points” as well as identify other viable solutions to consider.

Upgrade Readiness

Assessing your current state and determining steps that need to be taken prior to a technical and/or functional upgrade encompasses a review of both your system landscape as well as your implemented functionality. Hiring a firm who understands the big picture and is capable of a thorough review of both is a critical first step that can determine the outcome of your upgrade. MI6 Solutions can collaborate with you to ensure your next upgrade is a complete success.

System Conversions

Whether you have outdated legacy systems or have inherited systems via acquisition, planning a system conversion can be a large undertaking especially if you are subject to FDA regulations or the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. System conversion preparation requires an assessment of data to be migrated, regulatory compliance requirements, potential data cleansing efforts, and more. MI6 Solutions collaborates with SAP customers to develop a thorough assessment as well as conversion plans that minimize risk, ensure compliance and increase the efficiency of these efforts.


As more and more SAP customers grow their business through mergers and acquisitions, the demand for consulting firms that understand the complexity of integrating disparate IT landscapes or multiple SAP instances has increased. With a strong customer base expanding via acquisition, MI6 Solutions has provided the expertise needed to assess distinctive landscapes and help our clients determine the best path for integration or conversion.

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