Experience Matters! Experience Success!

We are systems and accounting professionals as well as SAP functional experts. MI6 is a partnership of Platinum consultants that have worked with well over 100 SAP customers over the past fifteen years to build world class financial systems. Experience has shown us that many customers and partners have settled for using SAP to replicate their legacy systems and processes over the years. We are committed to understanding your reporting needs before designing a solution that best utilizes SAP Financials to meet those reporting needs. We will challenge you to understand your core business requirements to assure you are using the right SAP modules and tools to satisfy your reporting needs.

Our current projects include three Fortune 20 customers as well as the largest private company in the US. During our tenures at SAP and post SAP, we have been continuously called upon to replace others and/or lead the complex high visibility projects. This experience as well as our track record for success insures your company the “best of the best” to implement or re-engineer your SAP financial landscape.