A holiday gift: more IFRS adventures on Twitter

by John Hughes

I wrote a while ago about my experiences monitoring Twitter for IFRS-related content. It hasn’t got any better since then. Today, as a holiday gift (and also of course as an important public service), I present to you a recent selection of IFRS-related tweets, with my assurance, to adapt what Letterman used to say, that these are actual tweets from actual users (typos, incoherence and all, presented verbatim). I should note that somewhere in this world there seems to be a stock (a penny stock from the looks of it) trading under the symbol “IFRS,” so tweets along the lines of “IFRS down -52% now. Tanker watch” likely belong to a different conversation (and maybe not a very happy one). So here we go:

there is hope, yellow brick road for finance MBA’s, IFRS can bring innovation to value chain to those that dig deep within for Oz

at a seminar about IFRS and it is boring…i’m trying not to be rude but twitter is about the only thing that’ll keep me up

why am i still learning GAAP when its friggin disappearing? stop teachin me GAAP and IFRS at the same time and confusing the crap out of me

This human calculator guy on Carte Blanche is pretty gud wish my mind worked like that with IFRS…*It soon will tho*

Why did the auditor cross the road? Because the IFRS says so

Sitting in this IFRS seminar and this guy who is presenting is pacing back and forth and not making any eye contact

I can’t wait to use my knowledge of EIC 142 and the compatibility of EIC 175 with IFRS at a cocktail party. #accountingfun

Nightly IFRS review, wooooo hoooooo

IFRS sucks!

Sunday lunch-dal, rice and fried potatoes on the dining table and then a long afternoon siesta. IFRS analysis can wait for the evening

IFRS course today. Today I will become more learned about International Accounting. Debit on the right Credits on the left.

It’s amazing how IFRS makes me sleepy but as soon as I get on twitter I’m wide awake:(

Which animal in London Zoo will be most affected by proposed change in lease accounting? Lessor Panda(or Lesser Panda to be precise). #IFRS

IFRS 3 can kiss my flat behind…but only for now. I’m going back to bed abeg.

Why are there so many disclosures needed by IFRS? Will someone even read them? At least it gives work to accountants

just won an office mug stating m a IFRS Champ! yeah!!! haha =D lucky…. =D

What is wrong with IFRS? Why aren’t we armotizing goodwill anymore? Why are. We anually testing for impairment. Is it fair??? Ehn

eh all the IFRS no nid to print right? lol

Auditor = The woman with eternity SINGLE life holding thick IFRS book. Anyway,I’m going to be Auditor =_=!!

last day of IFRS training in Colombo tomorrow. Had lots of fun. Looking forward to returning to London

I don’t think “it will trickle down to our privates” when someone talked about #IFRS will ever get old

IFRS aur wikileaks mein difference hai.. :P read wikileaks by choice and IFRS by force:D

I think I myt be an IFRS guru, I don’t know…#justsayin 

eyes a slanted open…cannot read anymore about IFRS. makes me question why i want to work internationally

totally bombed that IFRS presentation didn’t even know wtf I was talking about just straight up stumbling on the ppt LOL #embarrassing

Have to be in Watford in 45 mins, looking like I give a flying one about International Financial Reporting Standards #IFRS

From #NACD Annual Conference (in a room full of Audit Chairs) E&Y partner quotes Monty Python in re #IFRS implementation: I’m not dead yet!

I’m a student of ACCA and my job is to prepare of IFRS reporting. Also, I like travelling, champagne and my life!

…and my own personal favourite:

Writing a book on IFRS…. how difficult is it? The only challenge is having less than two months.

Well (and this is me again), I have to admit I took a bit longer than that on my own book. I even found some of it difficult! So on top of everything else, Twitter is occasionally just humbling.

Mixed in with all this, it does occasionally alert you to an interesting article or development (how else would I have come across this?), but unless you’re a major geek (hi, nice to see you) it usually feels like a long way to go for such a small return. They say Twitter carries major potential as an economic tool, and I can vaguely see how that might work for – say – a business doing all it can to maintain visibility within a niche local market. But for accounting, based on what I’ve seen so far, forget about it. Sure, I’ll probably be back on there in a day or two, but why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from mine?

And on that note, enjoy the holiday!

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